Medium White Coral Ring Cone

Medium White Coral Ring Cone


This beautiful, Australian flora ring cone is made from white coral found on the Aldinga Beach, South Australia.

  • The resin is clear with some white wisps at its base.

  • Medium Ring holder stands approx. 6.5cm

All products are designed and handcrafted by Jax in her South Australian studio.
Each piece is completely unique.

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Please Note:

  • Resin although is durable has glass like qualities and is prone to scratches or cracks if adequate care is not taken.
  • You will sometimes find bubbles in my jewellery-: I choose to leave some in as I love the added dimension and wonderful underwater feel they give my pieces.
  • If you would like a piece custom made with your chosen size, shape and colour;  please get in touch - here. and we will work something out together.